Abhyutthana Financial Learning Centre

This is not an elementary school anymore. Welcome to the real life!

You’re probably wondering why so many people fail today in their lives.. The answer is simple – they fail in finances! There’s a saying:

You can’t buy happiness but money can be the reason why you’re unhappy!

Now, when you understand what we’re going to learn here, here’s a little guide that will help you during your stay on our website. This is what we do, believe and breathe.

What is this all about?

Abhyutthana Financial Learning Centre is a new learning center that was developed the way that anyone who’s interested, can join and learn. We’ve worked in the finance industry since 1993 and in 2012 we’ve come together with other like-minded finance people to launch a new opportunity to anyone who’s interested in numbers.

What do we offer?

Our learning center was created to anyone who’s interested in personal and corporate finances. The reason why both of these are mentioned is simple – running a business requires a discipline. Financial discipline should be taken seriously and if you’re not able to manage your own finances then most likely you should stay away from corporate finances as well. Our current learning center courses are:

  • Personal finances 101 / $249
  • Corporate finances 101 / $399
  • Personal loan optimization / $149
  • Car financing / $199
  • Mortgage products / $249
  • Life insurance / $149
  • Savings / $149

Financing options

During the studies, you’ll receive a necessary information to successfully continue your financial life and avoid bad mistakes that most people do today. We understand that some of our members come from situations when this is their hope to fix the financial disaster that they may have in their lives. We’ve cooperated with student finance helpline company where you can get a free consultation on possible financing opportunities.

We’re also a proud member of

Learning from the best

Many years ago the system was different. People were studying only in school, academies, college, university etc. Today, the most of the required skills can be learned quicker and with more of a practical approach. We strongly believe that nowadays, students who work and study at the same time achieve greater results in life. Hence why we try to make our program quick and intensive so that you could quickly learn and apply your knowledge in real life.

Having a reason to apply theoretical knowledge in real life is what makes our students different. There are multiple reasons why they apply but most of them seek for real answers to real situations. This is what we offer and hopefully, you’ll be one of our graduates in couple months!